Information in English for wholesalers and retailers:

The organic  garden of our family can be found very close to the motorway M7. It lies only ten kms from Lake Balaton, in village Gyugy. The head office of our enterprise is located in town Fonyód.In our five hectare orchard we grow organic sea buckthorn – Orange Energy and Askola varieties.Each year 30-40 tons of fruit are harvested, as a result we can provide enterprises  with our product that are interested in cosmetics, confectionery, medicine, animal feeding or spirit drinks sector.

We sell our fruit in bulk and processed products are also available.

Both our farm and our business partners processing our product are certified by Biokontroll Hungária Ltd. guaranteeing  the quality of our fruit.

Our products:

  1. Frozen berries of organic sea buckthorn
  2. Organic juice (bag in box) in different volumes : 2l, 5l, 10l and also 200l bags are offered.

On request we will  give resale prices.

Please contact us giving  your email address or phone number.